Friday, August 14, 2009

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan!!!

Salam 'alaikum,
Regards to all readers! This is the first post since this blog has been created...
Really hope that u all can join in with us ,
We will discuss further on any aspects of life especially in religions issues..
All of you are invited to join us here!

I would like to share some scenario that happen when we nearly entering Ramadhan,
Ramadhan... we know that Ramadhan is a month for us to fast,
we need to be aware of everything that we want to do.....
The fasting month is when, we will do all such things like reciting Al-Quran,
Solat Terawih, do all good deeds like sadaqah and helping people,
But actually, that is how we stereotype Ramadhan..
we always heard something like this..
"Jom enjoy puas2, ramadhan dah dekat ni"
"Alamak bulan puasa seminggu lagi, xleh dah la kita nk enjoy, kena jaga mcm2"
"Weiii..relax arr, sebulan jer pastu kita enjoy balik laaa..."

Have you encountered the same conversation with your friends?
That is what we always do, that we always think,
fasting month is the only month that we need to do all the good things,
just then we will thinking of praying,
or taking out your Quran which you never read for the last 11 month...
Hmm.. That is also why we are created as human being..
We are called "manusia" which comes from the words "nasia" from Arabic that
means "forget".
we forget our own origins, from where we come,
we forget our one and only God... Allah...

Have you ever think that maybe this is our last Ramadhan?
Or maybe last year Ramadhan is our last Ramadhan.
I mean, maybe we don't even have the time to meet this Ramadhan...
Have you done enough for your life in the eternal world?
Have you prepared well for your last day on earth?
If we think that we still can meet Ramadhan,
does that mean, the deeds that u did in Ramadhan can cover all the sins that u do in all the 11 month before?
And that, if all your deeds are accepted..
If not???
Sit down and take time to think,
This is also a reminder to me myself and to all my friends and readers out there...

Make Ramdhan as a benchmark for us to start and do all the good deeds that we can..
and not as the only month that we do good things...

How about if this is the last second, or the last minute, or the last hour, or the last day we can breath.. Take a deep breath and see if you can breath again...
Waiting and missing our beloved Ramadhan, all that is uncertain..
We never know, If yes, Alhamdulillah that is a bonus for us from Allah..
If not?????
Death is certain, LIFE??? InshaALLAH....

Till then, we would like to take this opportunity to wish Salam Ramadhan to all the readers and all mukminin wal mukminat out there..
Pen off, see you later... >_<
Sis Najwa

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